what is HRC fuse?
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An HRC fuse is a type of cartridge fuse, in which the fuse element is enclosed within a transparent capsule, usually made up of steatite–a ceramic material having good mechanical strength.

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HRC (High Rupturing Capacity) fuse


•HRC fuse is High Rupturing Capacity fuse.

•At the time of fault it disconnect the circuit very fast.

•Filling powder is silica sand.

•No flashover occurred.

•Heat at the time of fault convert melt silica into glass.


•Ceramic body with metal end cap.

•Fuse element is silver conductor.

•Size is vary according to usage.

•Air tight.


•Under normal load condition the fuse conductor is at 

temperature below its melting point.

•At fault load condition the fuse conductor is at above its 

melting point due to high current and get breaks down.


•High speed response


•No maintenance



•We have to replace it manually after each operation.


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