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What is IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor) ?

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IGBT (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor)




IGBT combines the advantages of BJT and MOSFET.
High switching speed of MOSFET
Low conduction losses of BJT
No second breakdown problem
Three terminal (Gate, emitter and collector)
High efficiency
Fast switching
Four layers PNPN
Controlled by MOS gate structure
Topologically same as thyristor with MOS gate
IGBT is a voltage controlled device.
The input impedance of IGBT is high.
The drive circuit of IGBT is simple.
Switching speed of IGBT is more than BJT but less than MOSFET.
IGBT shows negative temperature coefficient up to 70% after that it shows positive temperature coefficient.
Conduction losses are low.
Switching losses are low for high frequency.
IGBT is bipolar device.
IGBT is minority carrier device.
IGBT have input characteristics of MOSFET and output characteristics of BJT.
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As compare to BJT and MOSFET, IGBT have very low on state voltage drop. IGBT require low driving power. IGBT have wide SOA (Safe Operating Area). The current conduction capability of IGBT is better than BJT. But the switching speed of IGBT is less than MOSFET and more than BJT. Because the turning off time of IGBT is bit slow. IGBT is very useful for improving dynamic performance and efficiency. IGBT also very good in reducing audible noise.
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