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Digital meters are superior over analogue meters because (A) less expensive (B) output reading is binary in nature (C) output impedance is less (D) installation is easy as panel meters 

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Digital metres are superior over analogue metres because output reading is binary in nature and digital metres have various advantages over analogue metres in digital metres we can see the exact precise value but in case of analogue metre it is difficult to see the exact precise value in case of digital meter there is a digital display but in case of analogue metre there is a analogue metre. Also in digital metre there are less error and require almost no calibration but in case of analogue metre there are more errors and require calibrations.

 Analogue metres are mechanical in nature and digital metre are not mechanical in nature so the losses in digital meter are less as compared to analogue meters s. Digital meter can show accurate and precise value. Also the cost of digital metre is decreasing. Digital metres can be move or rotate in any direction but if analogue meter rotate or move in any direction it may give error value

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