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Compare star and Delta Connection.

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Sr.No. Star connection Delta connection
1. Star connection have a neutral or star point. Delta connection have no star or delta point.
2. Star connection do not form a close loop. Delta connection forms a close loop.
3. One end of each three loads connected together and forms a neutral and remaining three ends are taken out connection. One terminal of load is connected to another terminal of load and forms a closed loop and common ends are taken out for connection.
4. Line voltage (VL) = √3 Phase voltage (Vph) Line voltage (VL) = Phase voltage (Vph)
5. Line current (IL) = Phase current (IPH) Line current (IL) = √3 Phase current (IPH)
6. Star connection can be use as 3 phase 3 wire system or 3 phase 4 wire system. Delta connection can only be used as 3 phase 3 wire system.
7. Star connection is generally used in power transmission. Delta connection is generally used in power distribution.
8. Low insulation requires as phase voltage is low. Heavy insulation is required as line voltage is equal to phase voltage.
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Compare star and Delta Connection.

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