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List the losses occurring in transformer.

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Types of losses occurring in a single phase transformer: 

1) Core or Iron losses: i) These losses are called as constant losses. ii) These losses take place in transformer core: a) Hysteresis loss: Takes place due to rapid reversal of magnetization by alternating flux b) Eddy current loss: Caused due to flow of eddy current in the core.

2) Copper losses: i) These losses are called as variable losses. ii) These losses takes place in the winding of transformer iii) These losses take place due to resistance of primary and secondary winding. Total copper losses =I1 2R1+I2 2R 

Remedies to minimize these losses:

1. The hysteresis losses can be minimized by selecting proper material for core which is having low hysteresis losses e.g. Silicon steel 2. The eddy current can be minimized by making the core of laminated nature. 3. The copper losses can be minimized by selecting high quality super insulated copper wire for making primary & secondary windings.

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