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List any four types of resistors. Give one application of each.

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Ans: Types of resistors with their applications: i) Carbon composition resistor: Potential divider, welding control circuits, power supplies, H. V. and high impulse circuits as switching spark circuits, radio/TV receiver circuit, biasing circuits of transistor, amplifier circuits, zener voltage regulator. ii) Metal film resistor: Transmitter circuits, Oscillator, telecommunication circuits, testing circuits, measurement circuits, audio amplifier circuits, Modulator and Demodulator circuits. iii) Wire wound resistor: Power amplifiers, Zener voltage regulators, radio / TV receiver circuit, High power resistance in DC power supplies, measurement circuits. iv) H V Ink Film type resistor: C R O circuits, Radar, medical electronics. v) Carbon film resistors: used for electronic circuits vi) Cermet resistors: used in printers, automotive, computers, cell phones & battery chargers. 

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