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List any three types of capacitor. Give one application of any one type.

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1 Answer

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Ans: Types of capacitors and their applications: 

i) Air capacitors: Radio tuning applications, Antenna tuning, RF matching networks, MRI medical scanners. 

ii) Paper capacitors: High voltage and high current applications. 

iii) Mica capacitors: High frequency tuned circuits, such as filters and oscillators. 

iv) Ceramic Capacitors: Tone compensation, Automatic volume control filtering, Antenna coupling, Resonant circuit, Volume control RF bypass, lighting ballasts. 

v) Electrolytic capacitors: Reduce voltage fluctuations in various filtering devices, In input and output smoothing to filter if DC signal is weak with AC component, For noise filtering or decoupling in power supplies, For coupling signals between amplifier stages, To store energy in flash lamps. 

vi) Film Capacitor: A/D converters, Filters, snubber circuits, In DC link circuits. 

vii) Glass capacitors: High power amplifier, Filters, R-F oscillator, Energy storage, Power factor correction, High voltage capacitors, Power electronic filters. 

viii) Polycarbonate capacitor: Filters, Timing and precision coupling circuits, Switching power supplies, AC applications to avoid corona.

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