Explain operation of series inductor filter and find out its ripple factor.

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Circuit diagram of series inductor filter : 


Operation of Series Inductor Filter : A high value of inductor is connected in series with load. Then the combination is connected across the rectifier. The Inductive reactance is directly proportional to frequency. Therefore for AC contents inductor offers high opposition, and hence block the AC signals. For DC signal, freq.is zero .XL=0. i.e. inductor acts as a short circuit. Thus all DC signals from rectifier are given to load. 

Applying KVL to the series inductor circuit. 

V0=VR - I* XL For DC input F=0 and XL=0.Therefore V0=VR. Thus DC components reach to load. For AC input Freq.is high, XL is high, I* XL drop is high, therefore V0 is small as compared to VR. Inductor opposes change in current through it. So, current waveform is made smooth. This filter operates properly and effectively for higher values of currents. Hence increase in current reduces ripple factor.

Ripple Factor:- RF = R / 3ω L


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