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State the function of following components related to mimic diagram. 1) PL 2) OPL 3) CHL 4) GCK 5) LTK 6) ARK

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Ans : 1) PL-Milky white lamp called pilot lamp is provided which lights up when alarm is received from any section in that panel 

2) OPL-Green lamp called operation in progress lamp lights up whenever impulse train is being transmitted from or received by the remote control centre 

3) CHL-Red lamp called channel failure lamp lights up when either send or receive channel fails or underground P and T cable develops a fault 

4) GCK- General check key is provided for each controlled post to verify the exact position of all the apparatus at the controlled post 

5) LTK- Lamp test key is provided to carry out a test to ensure that all the indication lamps on each mimic panel are in good condition 

6) ARK -Alarm reset key is provided to enable the traction power controller to acknowledge and cancel any alarm tele signals arriving at the control centre

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