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Give broad classification of maintenance with meaning of each type. State the factors on which ideal maintenance of electric rolling stock is judged. Give any two means to improve any one factor of these.

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Ans: Classification: 1) Running repairs – carried out when the equipment has actually failed. 

2) Trouble shooting – involves rectification of the defects by making temporary repair so that equipment is made get going on. 

3) Preventive maintenance - advance actions have to be taken to ward off the future failure. 

Factors on which ideal maintenance jugged : 

1) Reliability of locomotive 

2) Availability of locomotive 

3) Overall cost of loco maintenance 

Means to improve reliability Proper inspection, proper method of trouble shooting & repairs , proper technical investigation , suitable repair facilities 


Means to improve availability Inspection schedule , co-ordination between maintenance and operating staff , coordination of work at shed , availability of standby and quality spares 

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