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State the factors affecting degree of ionization. 

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Factors affecting degree of ionization:- 1. Nature of Solute 2. Nature of Solvent 3. Concentration of the solution 4. Temperature
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1. Nature of Solute: - Ionic compounds such as acids, bases & salts are highly ionized in solution. e.g. strong acids like HCl, H2SO4 & strong bases like NaOH, KOH are highly ionized in solution. Weak acids like CH3COOH & weak bases NH4OH are weakly ionized in solution. 2. Nature of Solvent: - In polar solvents like water & ammonia, degree of ionization is more. In non-polar solvents degree of ionization is less. 3. Concentration of the solution: - If concentration of solution is more, then degree of ionization is less. On the other hand in dilute solution degree of ionization is more. 4. Temperature: - At higher temperature, molecules acquire thermal energy hence degree of ionization increases with increase in temperature 

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