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What is glass-wool? Give its properties and applications. 

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Glass wool: It is fibrous wool like material, which is made up of fine filament of glass like ordinary wool is known as glass wool. 

Properties :-  1) Its thermal conductivity is low 2) It is fire proof & non-combustible. 3) It has low thermal & electrical conductivity. 4) It is resistant to chemicals. 5) It is soft, flexible, has low density. 6) It is waterproof. 7) Its tensile strength is very high. 8) It is light in weight. 

Applications :  1) It is used in air filters as a dust filtering material. 2) It is used as sound absorber (sound - proofing). 3) Being resistant to chemicals it is used for filtering hot, corrosive liquids like acids, alkali etc. 4) It is widely used as thermal insulating material in domestics & industrial appliances such as motors, ovens, refrigerators. 5) It is used in the manufacturing fiber glass by reinforcing with plastic resins

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