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Define electroplating. Give its two purposes 

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Definition: - The process of producing metallic coating of more resistant metals (like Ag, Au, Ni, Cr etc.) on an article with the help of electric current is called electroplating. 

Purposes of electroplating: Electroplating is done to achieve the following objectives 

a) Decoration: - Electroplating of superior metal over an inferior metal is done in order to have attractive & beautiful appearance. e. g. Ornaments, Picture frames are electroplated with Ag, Au, Ni & Cr etc. It increases the commercial & decorative value of an article in the market. 

b) Protection: - A coating of more resistant metal like Ag, Sn, Ni, Cr etc. is applied on the base metal like iron by electroplating in order to save the latter from rusting, corrosion & atmospheric actions. 

c) Repairs: - Sometimes, broken pieces or worn out parts of machinery are repaired by electro deposition of metal in between the broken or at the defective part of the metal. 

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