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Write four properties of plastic and their related applications.

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Properties of Plastics – 

Low specific gravity and high tensile strength.
Air-craft, motor car, structural purpose
In combination with metals. 
Steering wheels of automobiles plastic covered dash board
Low electrical conductivity and good corrosion resistance
Electrical insulator, for giving coating on printed circuit in electrical circuit. 
Bad conductor of heat. 
Handles for electric irons, soldering iron, for pans, pressure cookers etc.
Water repelling e.g.-polystyrene refined with glass fibers. 
End sections of condensers in electricity generating stations Tarpaulin.
Clear transparent, translucent or opaque & can take up wide range of colors & has high decorative value. 
Safety glass, windscreens for automobiles knobs for radios automobiles & household applications.
Good adhesive property. 
Adhesive for laminated wood products, synthetic paints & varnishes.
High optical clarity & smoothness
Optical lenses
Greater strength per unit weight, greater resistance to wear & tear. Hard & high shock absorbing capacity.
Timing gears, self-lubricating bearings, pulleys, etc. Noise & vibrations are reduced. 

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