Give classification of insulating materials on the basis of state of material and give one application of each.

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Classification of Insulating material
State of material  
Solid insulating materials
Wood, rubber, plastic, PVC, glass, porcelain, mica, Polypropylene film etc.  
Terminal boards, Switch board, casing capping, Spacers, Slot wages, Insulation paper for transformers, capacitors and cables, Sleeves in heating devices, Flexible cables & wires, Panel boards, Switchgears, Electrical heating & cooling equipments, lamp holders, switches and plug sockets  
Liquid insulating materials
Transformer oil, condenser oil, (both are mineral oils), synthetic insulating oil etc.
Switchgears, Circuit breakers, DC capacitors, cables and Transformers 
Gaseous insulating materials
Hydrogen, SF6, Nitrogen, Air.
Switchgears, gas pressures cables, circuit breakers, generator cooling systems and X-ray apparatus

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