Give the properties and application of following materials :i) mica ii) rubber
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i) Mica: Properties of Mica: 

1. It has very high resistance 2. It is heat resistant, moisture resistant, it has good elasticity and is fire proof 3. It retains its electrical and mechanical properties even at very high temperature. 

Applications of Mica: 1. It is used in commutator, insulators in electric heating units. 2. It is used for binding armature winding . 3. Mica papers are used in rotor winding, turbo generator ii) Rubber: 

Properties of Rubber: 1. Rubber is moisture repellent and possesses good insulating properties. 2. Its specific resistance around is 1017 ohm/cm 3. Vulcanized rubber is more resistant, mechanically strong and tough, elastic and can withstands high temperature. 4. It can be affected chemically. 5. It has low heat resistance. 

Applications of Rubber: 1. It is extensively used as insulation on wires, cables etc.

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