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State the application of following materials : i) CRGO Silicon Steel ii) HRGO Silicon Steel iii) Amorphous metal iv) Bronze 

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Applications of CRGO Silicon Steel: 1) Manufacturing distribution and power transformer cores. 2) Manufacturing cores of audio transformers, ballast transformers, specialty transformers. 3) Manufacturing cores of large transformers, generators and motors. 4) Manufacturing stator and rotor of waterwheel generators. 5) Manufacturing stator and rotor of turbo generators 

ii) Applications of HRGO Silicon: 1) Manufacturing cores of small rating transformers 2) Manufacturing cores of small rating induction motors 3) Manufacturing water-wheel generators 4) Manufacturing turbo generators 

iii) Applications of Amorphous metal: 1) Making nanocomposites for field electron emission devices. 2) Manufacturing cores of high efficiency distribution transformers 3) Manufacturing cores of special transformers 4) Manufacturing magnetic sensors 5) Magnetomotive sensors 

iv) Applications of Bronze: 1) Making brush holders 2) Making knife switch blades 3) Making current carrying springs, bushings. 4) For extremely longer spans of overhead transmission lines, phosphor bronze conductors are used. 5) Cadmium bronze is used for making commutator segments and contact wires. 

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