Compare intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductor
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Intrinsic Semiconductor
Extrinsic Semiconductor
These are pure semiconducting materials and no impurity atoms are added to it
When some impurity is added in the intrinsic semiconductor, extrinsic semiconductors can be produced.
The electrical conductivity is low.
The electrical conductivity is high.
The electrical conductivity of intrinsic semiconductors depends on their temperatures.
The electrical conductivity depends on the amount of impurity added in them. 
e.g The crystals of pure elements like germanium and silicon
e.g. P & N type semiconductor
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Intrinsic semiconductor
Extrinsic Semiconductor
Pure form of semiconductor
Impure form of semiconductor
No. electrons and holes are equal 
No. of electrons and holes are not equal
Electrical conductivity is low
Electrical conductivity is high 
Electrically neutral
Electrically positive or negative in nature.
e.g. Ge, Si semiconductor
e.g. p-type or n-type semiconductor
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