Compare analog & digital multimeter.

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Analog multimeter
Digital multimeter
1. Power supply is not required
1. Power supply is required
2. Less suffered from electric noise
2. Suffered from electric noise.
3. It provides measurement in analog form with metal pointer. 3. It provides measurement in digital form using digits as per resolution needed.
4.It uses simple display with markings for various ranges as per R, V and I measurements.
4. It uses LCD display. 
5. It does not require ADC converter i.e. analog to digital converter
5. It requires ADC converter and quantity to be displayed is in digital form.
6. Accuracy of measurement is lower
6. Accuracy of measurement is higher
7. Input resistance vary as per range to be measured.
7. Input resistance is constant for all ranges.
8. Simple & rugged in construction
8. Complicated & delicate in construction
9. Bigger in size
9. Compact in size
10. Economical
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Analog multi-meter
Power supply is not required 
Power supply is required 
Less suffered from electric noise 
More suffered from electric Noise
Less isolation problems.
More isolation problems.
Less accuracy
High accuracy is obtained
Simple construction
Complicated construction 
Bigger in size
Smaller in size
Many times O/P is ambiguous
An unambiguous reading is obtained.
Better visual indication
Visual indication is not that much better.
Less cost
More cost

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