Electronic Counter
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Electronic Counter

•Electronic counter counts the number of pulses in a given time.

•Electronic counter is made from cascade flip-flops.

•It is use to store or display counting.

•Some counter is use for frequency measurement and some are use to measure period and some are use for manual counting which are triggered manually.

•Counter may be manufacture on separate chip or with the combination of some other ICs like microprocessor or signal generator or ADC etc.

•Asynchronous counter, Synchronous counter, Up counter, Down counter, BCD counter, Ring counter and Johnson counter are the types of electronic counters.

•Asynchronous counter the bits in the counts do not changes with clock.

•Synchronous counter all the bits in the counts changes with clock.

•Up counter counts from zero to maximum value.

•Down counter counts from maximum value to zero.

•BCD counter counts from 0000 (0) to 1001 (9).

•Johnson counter is the twisted ring counter.

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