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What is renewable source of energy? State two examples for the same.

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Renewable (Primary) Energy sources: It is defined as the sources that can be used again and again for the generation of electrical energy are called renewable. 

Following are the some list of renewable energy sources:- 

1. Solar Energy i) Photovoltaic Systems (Direct conversion to electricity) ii) Solar Thermal Power plant ( In direct conversion to electricity) 

2. Wind Energy 

3. Hydropower 

4. Ocean Energy 

i)Ocean Tidal Energy ii)Ocean Wave Energy iii)Ocean Thermal Energy

5. Bioenergy:- i) Biofuels (e.g. Bio-diesel, Ethanol) ii) Biomass (e.g. sugar cane bagasse, farming waste, forestry waste etc.) iii) Biogas (it is produced from any organic waste materials. It contains mixture of methane (50-65 % in volume) and carbon dioxide 

6. Geothermal Energy 

Geothermal Electricity Production 

7. Fuel Cells

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