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State any four advantages and four disadvantages of diesel electric power plant. 

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Advantages of Diesel electric power plant:- 1) The design and layout of Diesel electric power plant is simple. 2) It requires less space. 3) Time required for complete erection of diesel power plant is less. 4) Such plants can be located at any place. 5) The plants can be easily located nearer to load center. 6) It requires less space for fuel storage. 7) It is free from ash handling problem. 8) It requires less quantity of water for cooling. 9) It can be put into service immediately. 10) The plants can be put on load easily. 11) No standby losses. 12) Thermal efficiency of Diesel power plant is higher than Thermal power plant. 13) Power plant is simple in operation. 14) It requires less operating & supervising staff. 15) Such power plant gives quick response for variable load. 16) The size of diesel engine plant is small compared to the steam plant for the same capacity of generation.

Disadvantages of Diesel electric power plant:- 1) Operating cost is high as fuel (diesel) used is costly. 2) The cost of lubricating oil is high. 3) Maintenance cost is high. 4) Diesel electrical power plant, generating capacity is limited. 5) Its overload capacity is less 6) Diesel power plant cannot supply overload continuously. 7) Due to production of smoke, there will be air pollution 8) It produces noise pollution from the exhaust. 9) The useful life is very short. 10) Availability of fuel in future may be limited.

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