State any four advantages of wind energy.

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Advantages of wind energy system: 1. Wind input (energy) is freely available 2. Wind energy is inexhaustible 3. There is no air pollution 4. No fuel transportation cost. 5. No space is required to store fuel. 6. No need on treatment on fuel. 7. No waste disposal cost and problem. 8. Less manpower is required per MW. 9. Layout is simple. 10. Time required for completion of power plant project is less. 11. Space required is less and space around the tower can be utilized for farming or storage. 12. It works automatically i.e. wind turbine operates automatically.(Not required to start WPP) 13. Technology is simple and robust. 14. Generating cost per unit is less and is goes on decreasing day by day. 15. Maintenance cost is less.


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