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Explain with block diagram photovoltaic power generation.

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1 Answer

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Photovoltaic power generation: 


Photovoltaic power generating system consists of following components: 1. Photovoltaic cell panel: Its function is to convert energy content of sunrays directly into DC electricity. 2. Battery charge Controller: It protects battery from over charging and it prevents battery from over discharging. In this way it increases life of storage battery. A charge controller is needed to ensure the battery is neither over nor under-charged. 3. Storage Battery: Its function is store DC electrical energy generated by P.V. cell which can be used whenever required. Generally batteries having long life are used. There are two types of battery: 1. Lead acidic battery 2. Nickel cadmium battery 4. Inverter: It converts DC supply into AC supply. 5. Step-up transformer: It step-up input voltage to utilization voltage e.g. 230V.

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