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State any two applications of diesel power plants.

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Applications of Diesel Power Plant: 1. It can be used as a standby (emergency) power plant to maintain continuity of supply. (Incase failure of main supply like hospital, Telephone exchange Radio stations, Colleges, and cinema Theaters.) 2. It is suitable where power requirement is small. 3. It is suitable as a peak load power plant for short duration. 4. It is widely used in transportation system. e.g. Elect. Traction, Ship, Aero plane etc. 5. Mobile DEPP mounted on vehicle is used in emergency requirement and for temporary supply purpose. 6. It is used in remote places where supply from grid is not available. 7. It is very economical to supply power to small scale industry which works for seasonal period.(For short period in a year) 8. The use of such plant is very common during construction stage of HPP/TPP/NPP and other construction. 9. The diesel units can be used to supply the auxiliaries for starting the large thermal plants.

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