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State why nuclear power plants are used as base load plants and diesel power plants as a peak load plant. 

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1. Because of following points Nuclear power plant used as base load power plant:- 

1. Nuclear power plants is very economical for producing bulk amount of electric power 2. Nuclear power plant is reliable in operation. 3. Nuclear power plant are not affected by adverse weather conditions. 4. Nuclear energy is outstanding as compare to any other type of energy sources. 5. Large amount of nuclear fuel is availabe in nature . 6. Nuclear fuels do not produce carbon dioxide or sulfur dioxide so it produces less air pollution.

1. Because of following points diesel power plant used as peak load power plant:-

1. Diesel power plant is quick starting. 2. Diesel power plant response quickly to load variation. 3. The plants can be put on load easily. 4. Diesel engines take less time to make OFF.

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