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List the four different units of pressure.

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The different units of pressure : 

1) N/M² ( Newtons Per meter Square) 

2) Pascal (Pa) 

3) Bar 

4) Torr 

5) mm Hg (Millimeter of Mercury column) 

6) mmWC (Millimeter of Water Column) 

7) PSI (Pounds per Square inch) 

8) Psia (Pounds Per Square inch absolute) 

9) Psig (Pound Per Square inch gauge

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Different units of pressure. 1) Measured in pascal(Pa). 2) Measured in pounds per square inch(psi) 3) Measured in kilogram per square of centimeter (Kg/cm2 ). 4) Measured in newton per square meter (N/m2 ). 5) Measured in terms of liquid columns. mmHg or mmWc

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