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Write how energy can be stored or generated in each of following : i) solar cell ii) geothermal energy iii) hydrogen energy in biomass.

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1 Answer

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i) Solar cell : Energy can be stored: 

1. Storage Battery is used to store electricity. 


 Energy can be generated 

1. Directly Conversion: 

 a) By use of P.V Cell (photovoltaic cell) 

 b) Thermo ionic system conversion 

 c) Thermoelectric (see beck effect) 

2. Indirectly Conversion: 

 a) Solar thermal power plant

ii) Geothermal energy: 

Energy can be stored: 

1. The -storage transport system. 


 Energy can be generated 

1. Hydrothermal convective systems: 

a) Dry Steam geothermal power Generation:- 

b) Wet Steam geothermal power Generation:- 

c) Hot water fields 2. Geo-pressure resources: 

3. Hot dry rocks (HDR) 

4. Magma resources 

5. Volcanoes

iii) hydrogen energy in biomass: 

1. Gas generated is stored in gas chamber (Dome) 


 Energy can be generated 

1. The biomass such as wood, dung and agricultural residues is burnt directly to obtain energy :- 

2. The biomass is converted to fuels such as ethanol and methanol, which can be used as liquid fuels in engines:- 

3. The biomass is subjected to fermentation process to obtain a gaseous fuel called biomass

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