With neat diagram, explain working of capacitance level measurement.

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working : The capacitive level detector operates on the equation of parallel plate capacitor, i.e. C = ε A/d. It consist of an insulated capacitance probe (which is a metal electrode) firmly fixed near and parallel to the metal wall of the tank. If liquid in the tank is noninductive, the capacitance probe and the tank wall form the plates of a parallel plate capacitor and liquid in between them acts as the dielectric. If liquid is conductive, the capacitance probe and liquid form the plates of the capacitor and insulation of the probe acts as the dielectric. A capacitance measuring device is connected with the probe and the tank wall, which is calibrated in terms of the level of liquid in the tank. When the level of liquid in the tank rises, the capacitance increases. When liquid level in the tank decreases, the capacitance also decreases. This increase and decrease in the capacitance is measured and is displayed on the indicator calibrated in terms of liquid level. 


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