State two advantages and two drawbacks of liquid filled and gas filled thermometer.

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Liquid filled thermometer 

Advantages: 1) They are comparatively cheaper than other temperature measurement devices. 2) They are handy and convenient to use. 3) Unlike electrical thermometers, they do not necessitate power supply or batteries for charging. 

Disadvantages : 1) Limited to applications where manual reading is acceptable, e.g. a household thermometer. 2) Have a limited usable temperature range. 

Gas filled thermometer 

Advantages: 1) Gas thermometers have wide range of temperature. 2) Permanent gases have close resemblance with perfect gas. Therefore, the thermometers filled with Permanent gases give the reading close to thermodynamic scale. 

Disadvantages : 1) Larger bulb size. 2) Generates less deflection force for controlling device. 


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