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State any four ideal requirements of signaling system.

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i) Unless the whole section of track governed by the signal is clear & safe, it should not be possible to display ‘safe’ indication. ii) Failure of any component of signaling scheme should give danger indication. iii) There should be provision of automatic application of brakes to the train, should the driver ignore the danger indication of the signal. iv) Electric lock should be provided on the lever working the home signal.v) To indicate the presence of train on sections out of view of signal man owing to the presence of obstructions. vi) All traction signals are located on the left side of the track. vii) The signal units are so fixed that the height of the center line of the red signal shall be approximately 3.65m above the track. viii) No part of the signal without track indicator shall normally be higher than 5.2m above the track. ix) If signals are located between the tracks, no OHE structures shall be provided in the same track space for at least 600m in the rear of the signal.

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