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Describe with neat labeled diagram measurement of flow using turbine flow meter.

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Explanation: - Turbine flow meter s are volumetric flow meters and are available in wide ranges. The output is usually in the form of a digital electrical signal whose frequency is directly proportional to flow rate and whose total count is proportional to flow rate and whose total quantity, as each pulse represents a discrete volume.

A feature of this turbine meter is a hydraulically supported turbine rotor. A permanent magnet sealed inside the rotor body is polarized at 900 to the axis of the rotation. As the rotor rotates so does the magnet and therefore rotating magnetic field is produced. This produces an a.c voltage pulse in the pick-up coil located external to the meter housing. The frequency of this voltage is directly proportional to the rate of flow. The pulse can be totalized by a counter to give the value of total flow over a particular interval of time.

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