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Classify transducer. Write one sentence about each of them.

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1. Active and passive: Active transducer does not need external power supply. Ex. Thermocouple Passive transducer needs external power supply. Ex. RTD 2. Primary and secondary: Primary transducers are the sensors which comes in contact with the measurement medium, senses it and gives the output in nonelectrical form. Secondary transducers converts the nonelectrical output of primary transducer to electrical form. 3. Analog and digital: Analog transducers give the output in analog form. Ex. LVDT. Digital transducer gives the output in digital form. Ex. Rotary encoder 4. Based on transduction principle: It can be resistive, capacitive, inductive, thermoelectric, mechanical etc. 5. Transducers and inverse transducers: Transducers convert non electrical energy to electrical form. Inverse transducers convert electrical energy to nonelectrical form. Ex. Piezoelecric transducer
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