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Features of welding transformer: 

1. It is a step down transformer with large number of primary turns but very small secondary turns, therefore welding transformer is having low primary current and large high secondary or welding current 2. The primary winding is made up of thin wire and secondary winding is made up of thick wire. 3. The welding transformer supplies the welding current almost at short circuit condition. 4. The primary winding of the transformer is connected to supply available in practice and secondary is connected to work piece & electrode. 5. The welding current can be controlled by using following type of reactor: i) Tapped reactor ii) magnetic shunt reactor 6. When welding is under process the supply system will be considerably affected due to voltage variations.

Applications of welding transformer: 

1. For spot welding applications 2. For arc welding applications 3. For the portable welding machines which operate directly on the single phase AC supply

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