Prepare schedule of material for underground service connection.

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1. 2.5 Sqmm, 4 core Armored cable: (Size of cable is depends on load & length of cable is depends on service connection premises) 2. Brick, soft sand for protection of cable. 3. If cable is laid across the public road then Cement pipe, DWC pipe or GI pipe is required for better protection of cable 4. Cable lug as per required size. 5. Cable Gland as per required size 6. Feeder piller or cable box or bus bar and cable end box. 7. GI pipe as required size. 8. Cable bushing. 9. 8 SWG Wire 10. Clamps, saddles etc 11. As such all service connection material like main switch, MCB, Energy meter, Neutral link, IC cut out, earthing set, nut, screws, and wooden board. etc


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