With reference to execution of work explain the following: i) Administrative approval ii) Technical sanctions 

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Administrative approval:  When any government department requires executing a project like network addition or extension work or installation of new project. It requires necessary administrative approval from government. Initially the project is taken up with public works department, the divisional engineer under whom the work lies prepare preliminary report in the form of a proposal. The proposal is in the form of plan layout drawing at approximate estimation, then the proposal is submitted to the proper authority of the department. The proposals are approved by competent authority, if PWD recommended that proposal are sound and estimated approximately and reasonably. This type of formal acceptance that is as good as order to PWD for executing the work is called as Administrative approval 

Technical sanction:  After the sanction of administration approval by the competent authority, the details drawing of plan and detailed estimate are prepared by PWD engineer. If detailed documents are forwarded to the government for sanction or to the officer of the public work department. Appointed by government to whom powers are designated by government. The sanction given by authority is called technical sanction


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