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List any four wiring accessories and its function. 

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Following wiring accessories: 1) Lamp holder: It is the holding accessory. The different types of holders used such as angle holder, batten holder, pendent holder 2) Ceiling Rose: Ceiling rose are of two types: i) Two plate ii) Three Plate and it is used to give supply for ceiling fan and tubes. 3) Tube holder- It is used to hold the tube 4) Switch: the function of switch is to make ON/OFF. Switches are available in the rating of 6A and 16A 5) Plug: Two pin plugs, three pin plugs and 5 in one plug. 16A Power plate. 6) MCB: It is safety device available in 6A to 32A, 40 to 60A and Single pole to Four pole MCB 7) Kit Kat Fuse: It is a safety device available in 6A to 32 A 8) PVC casing capping, Junction box, Elbow, Bend etc 9) Switch board, ICDP Main Switch 10) All types of size of VIR & PVC wire

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