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Explain the meaning of following terms: i) MCB ii) Socket outlet iii) Neutral iv) Fuse-link

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i) MCB:  Miniature circuit breaker operates automatically at the time of fault or over load. And it is used for the protection of electrical installation. They are available from 0.5 A to 100 Amps. They can be single pole, Double pole or three poles 

 ii) Socket outlet: To give the supply to the load by using supply pins and also provided in electrical installation for adopting or connecting home appliances

iii) Neutral: Neutral is return path of supply system and it is a brass terminal, which is fixed on porcelain base and has tapped screws on both ends so that neutral from supply system is received at one end and it is supplied from other end. 

iv) Fuse -link: Fuse-link melts automatically at the time of fault or over load. Fuse must be replaced after the fault.

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