Explain energy conservation method in lighting system by using installation of separate transformer / servo stabilizer.

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Energy conservation techniques by installation of separate transformer / servo stabilizer: The luminous efficiency of lamps depends upon the voltage applied across the terminals. It gives its best output at rated voltage. Small reduction in applied voltage greatly reduces its luminous output. Therefore, it is necessary that the voltage applied across them is properly maintained constant. This can be achieved by installing a transformer substitution near the load so that variation in voltage will be negligible. However, to such sub-station, different categories of loads are connected, which may act in such a way that there may be sudden voltage drop. When such loads are made off, it may result in sudden rise of voltage, which certainly affects the luminous efficiency of the lamps. To obtain constant luminous output in particular installation it is necessary to stabilize the voltage. Hence for such purposes, servo stabilizers are connected in the system of such premises, which will maintain the voltage constant in that installation for giving best luminous efficiency of lamps.


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