State the need of energy conservation in electrical motor.

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The need of energy conservation in electrical motor: i) Electric motors are a major part of the industrial arena (about 60% to 70%) and consume a huge amount of energy, 60 % of agriculture load, 40% of commercial load and 23 % of residential load. ii) Cost of electricity is increasing. iii) For maximum savings motors must work at higher efficiencies. iv) Production costs cannot be reduced till the operating costs of machines used therein are reduced without sacrificing the quality. v) Most of the electricity produced and utilized to drive the electrical motors comes from the burning of precious fuels or using natural resources as coal, oil etc. vi) Inefficient motors need large powers of which a major portion is lost.

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Need of energy conservation in Electrical motors: 1. Induction motors are used as electrical drives in industrial, commercial and residential sectors. 2. Considering all industrial applications, 70% of total electrical energy is consumed by only electric motor-driven equipment. 3. Half of total energy consumed by any equipment in any application is used by motors. 4. Induction Motor‟s efficiency is maximum at full load only and on an average of 80 % to 85%. For load less than 30%, efficiency is very poor. 5. Induction motor works with poor power factor (less than 0.85) at full load and less than 0.35 at low load condition. 6. Induction Motor draws high starting current and hence creates voltage drop in supply line, which affects performance of other apparatus connected to the same system. 7. Induction motor also needs lagging reactive power which is required for its working; hence it also acts as reactive power load on supply system. 8. To adopt advanced technology in design and to use better quality materials.


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