Define the following terms related to tariff: (i) Connected load (ii) Unit consumed (iii) Fixed charges (iv) Electricity Tax 
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(i) Connected load 

It is the sum of the power ratings (Watts or kW or MW) of all devices and machines existing (installed) in the premises of consumer. It is used to decide the fixed charges to be levied.

(ii) Unit consumed 

It is generally defined as Power (load) in kW used x No. of working hours for particular billing period (generally 1 month), expressed in kWh or Units (1 kWh = 1 Unit) 

(iii) Fixed charges 

Fixed charges are levied to recover the part of capital investment done by electricity utility. The fixed energy charges depend upon type of consumer 1) single phase or three phase, 2) residential, commercial, Industrial or 3) LT or HT etc. Fixed charges for HT and some LT industrial or commercial depends on the maximum demand of the consumer. The consumer has to pay the fixed charges irrespective of the fact whether he has consumed or not consumed electrical energy.

(iv) Electricity Tax: 

An amount levied by the state government normally as a percentage of the total electricity bill which includes all amounts that go to the electricity supply agency. 


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