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Explain the “mitigation of power theft” and “faulty meter replacement” for energy conservation techniques to reduce commercial losses. 

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Energy conservation techniques to reduce commercial losses: 

1. Mitigation of Power Theft: Power theft being the most important issue which all of the service providing utilities face. It necessitates some strong steps towards mitigation of power theft. State government can contribute in this by forming strict rules and laws. i)Meter Seal: CT/PT terminals at meter terminal box should be provided with proper seal management in order to prevent power theft. Severe penalties should be imposed for meter tampering. ii) Vigilance squad: Areas of power theft should be identified and vigilance squad needs to be formed for power theft checking in order to speed up mitigation. 

2. Faulty meter replacement :- i) Replacement: Distribution agency should pay attention to faulty or sluggish meters. It should be replaced by newer & advanced meters. ii) Checking: Meter should not only be installed but also it is necessary to check periodically for the purpose of knowing accuracy. iii) Advanced Meters: Old inaccurate electromechanical meters should be replaced with latest microprocessor based digital meters so that energy consumption can be accurately measured. iv) Prepaid Metering: Prepaid metering encourages efficient use of power especially for agricultural sector. Prepaid meters may prove effective measures against unauthorized abstraction of energy. 

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