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State any four advantages of soft starter.

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Advantages of soft starter: 1. Very low line voltage drops on motor operation 2. Reduced energy losses in the lines 3. System efficiency increases 4. Very smooth starting & operation 5. As current is limited, the maximum demand is controlled 6. Prevents damage to motor through mechanical stress 7. Severe spikes of starting currents are eliminated. 8. Loss of energy during starting is minimized to about 40 to 50%. 9. Severe wear and tear of mechanical parts such as bearing etc. during starting is eliminated leading to longer life of bearings and other related components. 10. Very low mechanical stress. 11. As starting currents are highly inductive, limiting their magnitudes results in improved power factor. 12. As current peaks are controlled the MD is reduced which may lead to lower MD billing. 13. Less mechanical maintenance. 14. Saving in operating costs.

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