Explain the need of energy conservation in present scenario.

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Need of energy conservation in present scenario: 1. Fossil fuels like coal, oil which have taken no. of years to form and now they are on the verge of depleting soon. 2. In last 200 years we have consumed 60% of all energy resources. 3. Today 85% of primary energy sources come from non-renewable and fossil sources. Due to rise in consumption, they are depleting very fast and future generations will not have any energy resources. 4. Growth of industries and adaptation of advanced technology everywhere has increased the energy demand. 5. Swelling of population and rise in standard of living has also great effect on energy demand. 6. Rate of growth in energy demand is more than energy generation rate. 7. There is wide gap between generation and demand. And hence for sustainable development we need to adopt energy efficiency measures. 8. Energy conservation also provides opportunity for environmental protection and integrated economic and social development. 9. Energy saved is as good as energy generated. 

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