Explain the role of adequate maintenance of lighting system in energy conservation.
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Role of adequate maintenance of lighting system in energy conservation: Illumination level reduces due to accumulation of dirt on lamps and luminaries. Further as the lamps get older their light output gets affected. 

To prevent lamps and luminaries losing performance, and to maintain optimum light quality, protective glass panels and optical controls should be checked and cleaned regularly at least once in a month or at intervals depending on their location. Use pH-neutral (non acidic / non alcoholic) cleaning agents and lint-free cloths for cleaning. Use services of properly trained personnel to look after and work on large lighting systems. Replace not only defective luminaries, but also any luminaries whose luminous flux has diminished due to age. All the light control equipment must be inspected at least once a month for proper functioning by checking their input-output characteristics. These include lighting transformers, chokes, electronic control circuits etc. Any deviation from the expected standards must be addressed by proper corrective actions. As part of maintenance programme, periodic surveys of installation, lighting system with respect to lamp positioning and illumination levels, proper operation of control gears should be conducted to take advantage of energy conservation opportunities as user requirements change.


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