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State two benefits and applications of variable frequency drives. 

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Benefits and applications of variable frequency drives: The variable frequency drive helps to conserve electrical energy and gives the following benefits: 1) Energy saving due to optimum use for applications. 2) Smooth starting. Can start the motor under load smoothly hence losses avoided. 3) Smooth speed control: losses and shocks during speed control & speed changing operations are avoided as smooth increase (up to 300%) or decrease (to 11%) of the rated speed is possible. 4) Better process control, (with Micro controller and IGBT -Insulated Gate Bi-polar Transistor) optimization of input variables to get required outputs. 5) Less maintenance cost due to optimum working. 6) Higher life span with very low losses for bearing & motors due to which we have improved optimal output power quality.

Applications: 1) Pumps used for fluids 2) Conveyers and transmission belts. 3) Machine tools operations. 4) Process control drives. 5) Textile industry machines. 6) Paper industry machines. 

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