List out energy conservation techniques to be adopted to reduce losses in the induction motor.
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Following are the list of energy conservation techniques in electrical motors: 

1) Reduction in iron losses by using low loss silicon steel core material laminated to thinner dimension. 2) Using bigger length dimension (longer cores) to increase the area of magnetic flux due to which the flux density is lowered to reduce the eddy currents & hysteresis losses. 3) Lowering the air gap that leads to reduction of the reluctance of the magnetic circuit & hence lower magnetizing current to produce the same flux density. 4) Using low resistance copper bars in rotors instead of high resistance aluminum bars leading to reduction in the copper losses in rotor. 5) Use very smooth surface finishing of stator/rotor (air gap) leading to low windage losses 6) Use high quality bearings to reduce the frictional losses. 7) Use smaller diameter fans to reduce fan load (as above measures lead to lower heat production in motors & hence reduced cooling requirements). 8) By minimizing idle & redundant running. 9) By matching motor rating as per required load. 10) By Phase balancing. 11) By improving power quality. 12) Operating motor in star mode at light load.


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