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Epoxy resin transformers are more suitable in hazardous areas. Give reason.

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Reason for Epoxy resin transformers are more suitable in hazardous areas :  

1. Core used is of CRGO M4-M3 circular size, minimizes leakage reactance and hence core losses will be less. 2. Winding consist of flexible rope of copper instead of rectangular strips or rod. Therefore current carry capacity is more and better cooling effect. 3. Insulation consists of high quality epoxy resin which is capable to withstanding high temperature and also provides minimum clearance as per voltage requirement. 4. As the transformer is fully encapsulated, routine maintenances is less. 5. As cooling oil is absent the total weight of transformer is less. 6. Due to less weight loading & unloading of the transformer is easy. 7. In the absence of oil there is no need of testing the dielectric strength of oil or no filtration of oil.

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