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With example explain how the replacement of lamps in lighting system contributes for energy conservation?

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Replacement of lamps in lighting system contributes for energy conservation: i. Replacing incandescent lamps by Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL's) ii. Replacing conventional fluorescent lamp by energy efficient fluorescent lamp. iii. Replacement of Mercury/Sodium Vapour Lamp by Halides Lamp. iv. Replacing HPMV Lamps by High pressure sodium Vapour Lamp (HPSV) v. Replacing filament lamps on panels by LED.


Following are the energy efficient lamps for Domestic Installation for replacing Lamps as follows: i) Replacing incandescent lamps (14 lumens/W) by Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL's) (70 to 90 lumens/W) ii) Replacing conventional fluorescent lamp (50 lumens/W) by energy efficient fluorescent lamp (70 to 90 lumens/W) iii) Replacing filament lamps (10 to 15 W) on panels by LEDs (< 1 W). Using LED lights in place of all other lamps above as feasible (in terms of cost) 

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