List out the energy conservation techniques in Fans.
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Following are energy conservation techniques in Fans :

Use the electronic regulators instead of conventional regulator. The fan used at low speed instead of high speed. Adjust the direction of the ceiling fan so the air blows down. Make sure to turn your ceiling fan “off “when you leave the home and industry. or even more energy savings, purchase a ceiling fan that has earned the ENERGY STAR rating, Whole house fans are large, powerful fans usually 20-48 inches in diameter with a one-quarter to one-half horsepower motor. Don't forget to properly maintain your electric fan and keep it in good working order.  When shopping for an electric fan or any other type of home appliance, it's easy to estimate appliance energy consumption by following this formula below: 

 Wattage x Hours Used Per Day / 1000 = Daily Kilowatt-hour (kWh) Consumption (1 kilowatt [kw] = 1000 watts)


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